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WitEden Scholarship Campaign

WitEden's Magic Shop / 2012-09-07

WitEden Scholarship Campaign

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of WitEden, we have a scholarship campaign as thanksgiving to all the cubers in these 10 years.

For those who break 3x3x3 cube single world record, we shall award him/her 1800USD ( about 11k RMB) as encouragement.

For those who break 3x3x3 cube average china national record, we shall award him/her 3k RMB as encouragement.

Remarks : 
(1):The cuber has to use WitEden WitYou 3x3x3 cube in a WCA cubing competition
(2):The cuber has to submit both the picture and video
(3):The records has to be valid and listed on
(4):WCA 3x3x3 records reference :
(5):Validity : all WCA records before or on 20th May 2015
(6):We reserve the right to change the details of the campaign.


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